Anonymous asked:
You should do something about all of the rude ass comments on the last few posts. ppl saying that the anon should be hit by books? What anon is doing is WRONG but ppl are being just as bad by saying those things. Police your blog better.

How can I physically stop those people from saying those things? People are entitled to their own opinions and I’m not here 24/7 to keep an eye on the blog, I do have a life outside of tumblr.
I already stated on the last few posts that the asks coming in were worrying me and that I think these people needed help more than me turning their asks in to a confession.
I am more than happy for this pregnant person to come to my inbox off anon and I will reply privately and help as best as I can.
I agree that what people are saying is wrong, but it is also wrong to try and kill your baby. This person needs serious help!

Anonymous asked:
I don't want to hurt my baby, I'll hit her with the books and once I snap out of it I scream and cry. I love her bit there is so much hate towards her and I don't understand why. 10weeks until she's born and I'm scared it will get worse. I'm probably going to sign rights over to the dad. And stay away from her.

This is to go with the ask from before.

Please speak to someone who can help you :(

mrskittyquinn asked:
I really fucked up. I'm 16 years old, and discovered I was pregnant on January 25th. I then miscarried on February 21st and they didn't do my d&c until March 15th. On The 4th of July I missed my period and I've been puking non stop. There's no way to confirm whether or not I am pregnant because I rarely leave my house and my brother spent my money on pot.. What do I do? I want it, but last time I was pregnant, my family treated me like garbage.. Is it possible for me to move in with my boyfriend
Anonymous asked:
I'm just about 30 weeks I hate the baby inside of me I hate my relationship I hit my tummy with hard books in hopes the baby will die. I wish I would of got an abortion when I had the chance. I need help. :(

I’m so sorry you feel this way :( have you spoken to your doctor/midwife about how you feel? x

Some of the confessions that have been coming in recently have been worrying me

I think they need advice more than me turning them in to a confession! Gonna post some tonight and I’ll get all the confessions ready to be posted and queue them up 5-10 a day x




3 pack of vests, 2 pack of hats and a 7 piece set (which includes a vest, babygro, cardi & trousers, bib, scratch mitts and a hat).

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