Anonymous asked:
I confessed something a while back that never got posted. It has made me feel very left out and kind of edited. Which is quite a terrible feeling cause I've felt that way through my entire pregnancy.

I post all confessions relating to pregnancy here, all the ones that are just “I want to be pregnant” or ttc ones get sent to the ttc confessions blog.
If I’ve not posted it, it’s either not reached the inbox or it’s still in there. I’ll be able to check on the computer the date of the earliest confession and you’d be able to tell me if it was posted before or after that date? x

I really need to post some more confessions guys, sorry! I just want to nap all the time. Anyone else feel like this in your third trimester?

Anonymous asked:
Thoughts on small amounts of caffeine during pregnancy? I get tons of people judging me if I have a small latte... Caffeine is the only thing that helps when I get a migraine, otherwise I can't even get out of bed. Midwife says it's fine, too.

You’re allowed up to 200mg of caffeine a day, which is the equivalent of 4 cups of regular tea :)
If I’m taking pain killers, I take them with fizzy juice because I’m a wimp and can’t swallow tablets. It usually ends up being cola, which contains caffeine! x

Choosing another winner!

Fingers crossed we get a response. How hard is it to give away baby clothes?! Lol!

Again, I used to select a random number between 1 & 123:

@veins-tangled is also following us and is pregnant!

They have been contacted and have been given 12 hours to respond :)

Choosing a winner - the hard way - a guide by me :)

Copied all the notes from the giveaway post in to a word document (excluding myself and my own reblogs), I then deleted all the entries that were just likes, removed all the “reblogged this from” on each line, leaving me with just a list of URLs.

I then went through each URL and removed duplicates to make sure each person had one entry each (very time consuming, I know, I couldn’t find something online that wouldn’t crash the computer) and numbered each one, giving me 123 entries to the giveaway.

I then went to and generated a number from 1 to 123. This gave me number 87. 


Who wasn’t following the Pregnancy Confessions blog (I double checked the blog spelling):


On to the next number…


This person was following us, and is also pregnant!


Hurrah, we have our winner! Congratulations :D

If the winner doesn’t get back in touch by midnight GMT, I will draw another :)

Could mama09anna please check your inbox? :) thank you!